Maine Court Records


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176George H. Brown, et al.KennebecLand1850
177George H. Brown, et al.KennebecDebt1853
178George H. Brown, et al.KennebecDebt1853
179George H. Brown, et al.KennebecDebt1853
180George H. Brown, et al.KennebecDebt1853
181George H. Brown, et al.KennebecDebt1854
182George H. Brown, et al.KennebecJudgement Recovery1853
183George H. Brown, et al.KennebecDebt1853
184George H. Brown, et al.KennebecDebt1853
185George W. BrownBlue HillWashingtonDebt1841
186George W. BrownBlue HillWashingtonDebt1840
187George W. Brown, et al.KennebecDebt1854
188George Brown, et al.KennebecDebt1852
189George Brown, et al.PittsfieldKennebecDebt1821
190Greene BrownWashingtonDebt1845
191Greenleaf BrownAugustaKennebecLiquor Violation1854
192Greenlief BrownAugustaKennebecLiquor Violation1854
193Greenlief BrownAugustaKennebecLiquor Violation1854
194Henry BrownCalaisWashingtonNaturalization1844
195Horatio N. Brown (trustee)LubecWashingtonDebt1846
196Horatio Brown, et al.LubecWashingtonNavigation Obstruction1842
197Ignatious BrownYorkDebt1719
198Ignatious BrownBoston, Mass.York1719
199Ira W. BrownPerryWashingtonDebt1843
200Ira W. BrownWashingtonNeither Party Appears1844

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