Maine Court Records


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1George MeansAddisonWashingtonDebt1840
2James Means, et al.Boston, Mass.KennebecDebt1828
3John MeansAugustaKennebecDebt1853
4John MeansAugustaKennebecDebt1853
5John & Son MeansAugustaKennebecDebt1853
6John & Son MeansAugustaKennebecDebt1853
7John & Son MeansAugustaKennebecDebt1853
8John & Son MeansAugustaKennebecDebt1853
9John & Son MeansAugustaKennebecDebt1853
10John Means, et al.AugustaKennebecDebt1853
11John Means, et al.AugustaKennebecDebt1854
12Lemuel G. Means, et al.AddisonWashingtonDebt1844
13Mark D. MeansCherryfieldWashingtonLand1841
14Mark D. MeansCherryfieldWashingtonDebt1841
15Mark D. MeansCherryfieldWashingtonDebt1841
16Mark D. MeansWashingtonNeither Party Appears1844
17Mark D. Means (trustee)CherryfieldWashingtonDebt1841
18Ray Means, et al.AddisonWashingtonDebt1844
19Robert MeansBiddefordYorkDebt1749
20W. P. Means, et al.AugustaKennebecDebt1853
21William P. M. Means, et al.AugustaKennebecDebt1854

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