Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Aubrey B. Ackley067066929 Nov. 1945Washington
2Charles M. Ackley3114679912 Aug. 1942Washington
3Clarence W. Ackley3140220215 Sept. 1944Washington
4George A. Ackley3128276429 Dec. 1942Washington
5Gerald Ackley3128190024 Nov. 1942Washington
6Gerald E. Ackley3121969218 Jan. 1943Kennebec
7Gordon W. Ackley3135202223 Sept. 1943Washington
8Herbert W. Ackley0614681311 April 1939Washington
9Herman H. Ackley3102439212 March 1941Washington
10Hollis B. Ackley3122176921 Oct. 1942Washington
11Horace M. Ackley110144891 April 1941Washington
12Kenneth E. Ackley3109878927 March 1942Androscoggin
13Lawrence E. Ackley3114647431 July 1942Washington
14Lee A. Ackley3146531026 April 1944Washington
15Newton H. Ackley3128324012 Jan. 1943Washington
16Paul W. Ackley3106930926 Feb. 1942Washington

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