Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Amby M. Alley, Jr.3102785521 March 1941Lincoln
2Carroll M. Alley3128201427 Nov. 1942Hancock
3Carroll M. Alley313183857 April 1943Hancock
4Closson F. Alley, Jr.3151281520 June 1945Washington
5Donald M. Alley311009872 April 1942Kennebec
6Douglas O. Alley3131816924 March 1943Hancock
7Eben L. Alley3135172828 July 1943Washington
8Elmer H. Alley3132334517 June 1943Cumberland
9Ernest D. Alley3114621321 July 1942Washington
10Eugene N. Alley3114642630 July 1942Somerset
11Garold L. Alley3128363725 Jan. 1943Penobscot
12Harold R. Alley3131803818 March 1943Washington
13Harry A. Alley3122279520 Nov. 1942Hancock
14Harvard W. Alley3102432111 March 1941Washington
15Hiram W. Alley3131727518 Feb. 1943Washington
16Howard Alley1111877222 Nov. 1943Hancock
17Howard A. Alley3104405910 April 1941Washington
18Hugh B. Alley111489682 March 1946Aroostook
19Ira L. Alley3115193826 Aug. 1942Lincoln
20James N. Alley1107621011 Jan. 1946Washington
21Jay E. Alley3145752123 March 1944Penobscot
22John C. Alley3100033316 Jan. 1941Cumberland
23Kenneth L. Alley3132165113 April 1943Knox
24Leo W. Alley3114766911 Sept. 1942Washington
25Lewis S. Alley313983365 Aug. 1943Lincoln

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