Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Allan R. Andrews1115736416 Sept. 1946Cumberland
2Alvin D. Andrews311012668 April 1942Androscoggin
3Arnold L. Andrews061494309 Jan. 1940Penobscot
4Carl E. Andrews111381505 June 1943Kennebec
5Carroll W. Andrews3139806713 July 1943Oxford
6Cecil E. Andrews3151329717 July 1945Cumberland
7Charles N. Andrews2014428724 Feb. 1941Oxford
8Chester A. Andrews110677801 April 1942Oxford
9Clifford B. Andrews3102442712 March 1941Piscataquis
10Daniel K. Andrews313200934 March 1943Knox
11Donald L. Andrews3147410915 Feb. 1945Oxford
12Donald L. Andrews3115409713 Oct. 1942Kennebec
13Edward L. Andrews, Jr.2014633524 Feb. 1941Penobscot
14Elmer V. Andrews3115122214 Aug. 1942Cumberland
15Erland W. Andrews0691414618 Aug. 1939Androscoggin
16Ernest H. Andrews311018735 May 1942Cumberland
17Everard S. Andrews313215308 April 1943Kennebec
18Francis S. Andrews1108083919 June 1942Oxford
19Frederick C. Andrews313990604 Oct. 1943Cumberland
20Frederick P. Andrews1112283717 June 1943Sagadahoc
21Frederick W. Andrews3128321612 Jan. 1943Washington
22George A. Andrews061541163 May 1940Hancock
23George H. Andrews3122171719 Oct. 1942Penobscot
24George R. Andrews313512469 June 1943Kennebec
25Grover C. Andrews110166268 Oct. 1940Kennebec

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