Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Arlo B. Farrington3135133016 June 1943Penobscot
2Carl F. Farrington3135260419 Nov. 1943Knox
3Carleton F. Farrington2014494724 Feb. 1941Kennebec
4Carroll W. Farrington2014495224 Feb. 1941Kennebec
5Charles M. Farrington3121926711 Jan. 1943Androscoggin
6Donald F. Farrington3146027530 March 1944Kennebec
7Floyd H. Farrington3147277328 Nov. 1944Franklin
8Gerald L. Farrington1116064525 Sept. 1946York
9Harold E. Farrington, Jr.310376647 Jan. 1942Cumberland
10Harry C. Farrington, Jr.3135260819 Nov. 1943Knox
11Herman A. Farrington3147334931 Oct. 1945Cumberland
12Hilson B. Farrington310443403 June 1941Aroostook
13James Farrington3145930029 March 1944Oxford
14Jasper A. Farrington3149752031 May 1945Cumberland
15John H. Farrington3140232122 Sept. 1944Franklin
16John W. Farrington3135155229 June 1943Penobscot
17Kenneth A. Farrington3151321727 June 1945Kennebec
18Leroy Edward Farrington3152121916 April 1946Cumberland
19Merle E. Farrington3132106625 March 1943Kennebec
20Norman H. Farrington3132209428 April 1943Oxford
21Norman S. Farrington1114883912 Feb. 1946Kennebec
22Norris L. Farrington3115120914 Aug. 1942Kennebec
23Orrin W. Farrington3102796827 March 1941Aroostook
24Oscar J. Farrington3131985224 Feb. 1943Kennebec
25Robert N. Farrington3139959119 Oct. 1943Oxford

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