Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Alvin E. Ingalls3149763119 June 1945Hancock
2Arlington N. Ingalls311000556 June 1942Penobscot
3Austin H. Ingalls, Jr.1102955131 Oct. 1941Hancock
4Clifton A. Ingalls110293843 Sept. 1941Somerset
5Donald S. Ingalls3121984220 Jan. 1943York
6Donn E. Ingalls3131860920 April 1943Hancock
7Earl F. Ingalls2014806016 Sept. 19__Cumberland
8Earle L. Ingalls311538888 Oct. 1942Cumberland
9Elaine M. IngallsA-10425620 Sept. 1944Somerset
10Everett P. Ingalls, Jr.3147182126 June 1944Washington
11Harold D. Ingalls111490086 March 1946Penobscot
12Harrison E. Ingalls2014560324 Feb. 1941Somerset
13Harry C. Ingalls3140038627 Dec. 1943Cumberland
14John J. Ingalls3147241630 June 1944Penobscot
15Kenneth E. Ingalls1104327525 July 1942Penobscot
16Lysander G. Ingalls161605069 Dec. 1942Somerset
17Ralph K. Ingalls3149603228 March 1945Cumberland
18Raymond T. Ingalls3148695814 March 1945York
19Richard G. Ingalls3131840127 Oct. 1945Hancock
20Sheldon A. Ingalls110764379 Jan. 1946Hancock
21Wilbur R. Ingalls, Jr.313215589 April 1943Cumberland

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