Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Albert J. Jacques0613870827 Jan. 1941Androscoggin
2Albert J. Jacques3121862929 Dec. 1942York
3Albert L. Jacques310000932 Feb. 1946Kennebec
4Arthur J. Jacques3110024719 June 1942Aroostook
5Benoit Jacques1102932720 Aug. 1941Oxford
6Bertrand A. Jacques3147123021 June 1944Oxford
7Charles R. Jacques3115412013 Oct. 1942Kennebec
8Donat J. Jacques1101447026 Feb. 1941Aroostook
9Felix G. Jacques3132125315 March 1946York
10George A. Jacques313215048 April 1943Androscoggin
11George B. Jacques1102755714 Jan. 1942Aroostook
12Gerard F. Jacques3117862427 Nov. 1942York
13Gerard G. Jacques3115132417 Aug. 1942Androscoggin
14Harold L. Jacques315131031 Nov. 1945Aroostook
15Jerry A. Jacques3149743731 May 1945Kennebec
16John C. Jacques314970574 Dec. 1945Piscataquis
17John P. Jacques3122023727 Jan. 1943Kennebec
18Joseph G. W. Jacques312161723 Nov. 1942Androscoggin
19Joseph R. Jacques311507136 Aug. 1942Oxford
20Kenneth D. Jacques1115548419 Aug. 1946Piscataquis
21Lindor R. Jacques3151341217 July 1945York
22Lionel Jacques313982473 Aug. 1943Androscoggin
23Norman L. Jacques3121763017 Nov. 1945Kennebec
24Ralph E. Jacques3102425110 March 1941York
25Raymond A. Jacques312160672 Nov. 1942Androscoggin

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