Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Albert O. Junkins1101378921 May 1946Androscoggin
2Carleton A. Junkins1116005120 Sept. 1946Penobscot
3Charles W. Junkins1104329510 Aug. 1942Penobscot
4Clifton E. Junkins3132046115 March 1943York
5Earle R. Junkins3152094919 March 1946Aroostook
6Franklin W. Junkins3151288520 June 1945York
7Harry E. Junkins1102902915 April 1941Aroostook
8Kenneth F. Junkins3131739122 Feb. 1943Penobscot
9Lester W. Junkins3147432116 March 1945Aroostook
10Merton H. Junkins3121834023 Dec. 1942York
11Norman W. Junkins3115012322 July 1942York
12Roland H. Junkins3140284123 Oct. 1944York
13Vernon C. Junkins1104344510 Oct. 1942Aroostook

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