Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Arnold W. Neal3149747131 May 1945Kennebec
2Aubrey D. Neal0611805513 Oct. 1945Somerset
3Brian S. Neal2014538024 Feb. 1941Penobscot
4Frank R. Neal, Jr.1107914916 May 1942Cumberland
5Frank S. Neal3132327116 June 1943Kennebec
6George A. Neal3135163622 July 1943Kennebec
7Howard K. Neal3137486715 Sept. 1943York
8James F. Neal, Jr.314024733 Oct. 1944Cumberland
9John A. Neal3128368425 Jan. 1943Penobscot
10John H. Neal3131940016 Feb. 1943Androscoggin
11John O. Neal3149726828 May 1945Cumberland
12Kenneth D. Neal3152085819 Feb. 1946Penobscot
13Leroy C. Neal3111616918 May 1942Cumberland
14Luther E. Neal0623848214 Nov. 1945Cumberland
15Ralph E. Neal3131992125 Feb. 1943York
16Richard C. Neal1102930613 Aug. 1941Androscoggin
17Robert M. Neal3151395827 Nov. 1945Penobscot
18Robert S. Neal3100042817 Jan. 1941Piscataquis
19Roger A. Neal1114882011 Feb. 1946York
20Ronald A. Neal3104161327 Jan. 1942York
21Russell E. Neal312190215 Jan. 1943Androscoggin
22Wesley G. Neal1405170329 July 1941Somerset
23William Neal3114596910 July 1942Penobscot

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