Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Augustus E. Newcomb314734285 Jan. 1945Penobscot
2Burton V. Newcomb3145782323 March 1944Penobscot
3Charles J. Newcomb2014932316 Sept. 1940Cumberland
4Charles W. Newcomb3121648310 Nov. 1942Kennebec
5Delmer A. Newcomb311010273 April 1942Oxford
6Earl A. Newcomb3104457228 June 1941Penobscot
7Elliott E. Newcomb3122193427 Oct. 1942Washington
8Ernest E. Newcomb3122102024 Sept. 1942Somerset
9Forest K. Newcomb3440787126 Oct. 1942Hancock
10Fred A. Newcomb1106794530 April 1942Cumberland
11Hugh E. Newcomb3111619519 May 1942Cumberland
12John L. Newcomb3131972522 Feb. 1943Cumberland
13Kenneth C. Newcomb313990292 Oct. 1943Cumberland
14Leonard E. Newcomb0614922611 Dec. 1939Hancock
15Lewis D. Newcomb313230969 June 1943Franklin
16Lloyd I. Newcomb313999238 Nov. 1943Cumberland
17Malcolm A. Newcomb1101399828 March 1941Somerset
18Malcolm E. Newcomb3100015814 Jan. 1941Lincoln
19Oliver F. Newcomb3110153223 April 1942Lincoln
20Wallace W. Newcomb3109887028 March 1942Kennebec
21Walter E. Newcomb313755292 Nov. 1943York
22William A. Newcomb3122114529 Sept. 1942Cumberland

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