Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Alden Noyes061540712 April 1940York
2Alton H. Noyes314020405 Sept. 1944Cumberland
3Arthur R. Noyes110293925 Sept. 1941Penobscot
4Arthur R. Noyes3149619428 March 1945Kennebec
5Charles D. Noyes310990934 April 1942Piscataquis
6Clayton P. Noyes3128235717 Dec. 1942Aroostook
7Dale L. Noyes1101441931 Jan. 1941Aroostook
8Dwight W. Noyes315134356 Dec. 1945Cumberland
9Edward K. Noyes, Jr.190673084 Jan. 1942Cumberland
10Elmer B. Noyes1101652519 Aug. 1940Kennebec
11Frederick C. Noyes, Jr.3132246213 May 1943Oxford
12Gareth H. Noyes313512033 June 1943Aroostook
13Halbert C. Noyes3132074119 March 1943Penobscot
14Harland H. Noyes3106935826 Feb. 1942Washington
15Harold H. Noyes315146648 Jan. 1946Aroostook
16Harry W. Noyes311018755 May 1942Oxford
17Haynes F. Noyes313230999 June 1943Oxford
18John R. Noyes3148367214 Feb. 1946Penobscot
19Joseph W. Noyes3121766312 Dec. 1942Lincoln
20Keith R. Noyes3114678812 Aug. 1942Waldo
21Leslie C. Noyes1101662730 April 1946Kennebec
22Lewis H. Noyes111225334 Dec. 1942Cumberland
23Lyle D. Noyes3131979123 Feb. 1943Knox
24Nahum A. Noyes312214398 Oct. 1942Penobscot
25Norbert B. Noyes310443984 June 1941Piscataquis

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