Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Albert P. Quinn2014538824 Feb. 1941Penobscot
2Almon F. Quinn3135281210 Dec. 1943Washington
3Charles S. Quinn3146751417 May 1944Somerset
4Edgar L. Quinn3102795413 Dec. 1941Washington
5Edward J. Quinn3110073227 March 1942York
6Edward P. Quinn3108569327 March 1942Cumberland
7George C. Quinn3131824130 March 1943Oxford
8Harry B. Quinn, Jr.1107915616 May 1942Cumberland
9James B. Quinn111224401 Dec. 1942Androscoggin
10James E. Quinn3111783414 July 1942York
11James J. Quinn3151444819 Nov. 1945Cumberland
12John C. Quinn, Jr.3149757131 May 1945Oxford
13John E. Quinn3111634722 May 1942Cumberland
14John F. Quinn311522281 Sept. 1942Androscoggin
15John J. Quinn, Jr.1112286622 July 1943Kennebec
16John W. Quinn2014791016 Dec. 1945Androscoggin
17Joseph Quinn3131970714 June 1945Cumberland
18Lawrence W. Quinn3110168525 April 1942Cumberland
19Leo F. Quinn313983345 Aug. 1943Kennebec
20Leo J. Quinn3149601528 March 1945Cumberland
21Michael E. Quinn311009111 April 1942Androscoggin
22Morris A. Quinn3109875326 March 1942Penobscot
23Richard J. Quinn3132182919 April 1943Cumberland
24Robert O. Quinn1109760414 Oct. 1942Cumberland
25Rodney S. Quinn1106793329 April 1942Cumberland

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