Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Alcide Thibeault3131925612 Feb. 1943Cumberland
2Aldege C. Thibeault311166719 June 1942York
3Andrew O. Thibeault310991247 April 1942Somerset
4Charles G. Thibeault3115169521 Aug. 1942Franklin
5Edward J. Thibeault3114642830 July 1942Somerset
6Emilien B. Thibeault3110153023 April 1942York
7Emilien O. Thibeault310442592 June 1941Cumberland
8Ernest C. Thibeault1102907212 May 1941Somerset
9Ernest E. Thibeault3102748218 March 1941Somerset
10Florido G. Thibeault310450484 Sept. 1941Cumberland
11Gerard R. Thibeault1112316131 July 1944York
12Grant H. Thibeault1102921311 July 1941Cumberland
13Hector A. Thibeault1106816725 June 1942Somerset
14James H. Thibeault1115722712 Sept. 1946York
15Joseph A. F. Thibeault, Jr.1112242730 Nov. 1942Cumberland
16Joseph E. Thibeault3140068524 Jan. 1944Cumberland
17Leo J. Thibeault3114676311 Aug. 1942Aroostook
18Lucien H. Thibeault312206793 Feb. 1943York
19Lucien J. Thibeault3121601130 Oct. 1942Cumberland
20Martial B. Thibeault3100036017 Jan. 1941York
21Paul J. Thibeault1112266411 Dec. 1942York
22Paul U. Thibeault3108566326 March 1942Androscoggin
23Robert F. Thibeault3131907210 Feb. 1943York
24Roger J. Thibeault3121979819 Jan. 1943Cumberland
25Romeo Thibeault3110023117 June 1942Aroostook

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