Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Aubrey F. Thorne311507736 Aug. 1942Sagadahoc
2Bertram E. Thorne3128360821 Jan. 1943Somerset
3Charles E. Thorne3111749529 June 1942Kennebec
4Charles F. Thorne, Jr.3131983124 Feb. 1943Cumberland
5Clifford A. Thorne3104169327 Jan. 1942Cumberland
6Donald C. Thorne2014782416 Sept. 1940Cumberland
7Donald G. Thorne111195262 Dec. 1942Cumberland
8Donald L. Thorne3140103510 July 1944York
9George L. Thorne3100033116 Jan. 1941Cumberland
10Gilbert E. Thorne2014891216 Sept. 1940Sagadahoc
11Harold B. Thorne3115028928 July 1942Oxford
12Manville F. Thorne310447734 Aug. 1941Cumberland
13Philip F. Thorne313990804 Oct. 1943Cumberland
14Richard O. Thorne3121799418 Dec. 1942Cumberland
15Robert E. Thorne3149576917 March 1945Cumberland
16Stanley E. Thorne3132111126 March 1943Cumberland

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