Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Alton R. Tolman314538436 March 1944Penobscot
2Baxter H. Tolman3115418214 Oct. 1942Knox
3Curtis M. Tolman1112234918 Feb. 1943Knox
4Eugene B. Tolman3115414714 Oct. 1942Knox
5Eugene B. Tolman2014867116 Sept. 1940Lincoln
6Evans L. Tolman3135271424 Nov. 1943Knox
7Fred C. Tolman313201144 March 1943Knox
8Fred L. Tolman3132166413 April 1943Knox
9George A. Tolman0614388811 Dec. 1941Penobscot
10Harold A. Tolman, Jr.3121875031 Dec. 1942Knox
11James B. H. Tolman111497515 July 1946Cumberland
12Orland W. Tolman310617835 Feb. 1942Kennebec
13Wesley M. Tolman2014871416 Sept. 1940Lincoln
14William J. Tolman1101393415 March 1941Penobscot

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