Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Albert E. Verrill3132067218 March 1943Cumberland
2Allen G. Verrill3111684516 June 1942Androscoggin
3Carroll D. Verrill3110176528 April 1942Cumberland
4Clayton C. Verrill1102979818 Dec. 1941Cumberland
5Clifford L. Verrill3139879213 Sept. 1943Cumberland
6Earl E. Verrill3121829322 Dec. 1942Kennebec
7Earl F. Verrill3149601828 March 1945Cumberland
8Edward J. Verrill3149734929 May 1945Waldo
9Elmer R. Verrill1101332421 Sept. 1940Cumberland
10Everett S. Verrill311537966 Oct. 1942Cumberland
11George E. Verrill3115469526 Oct. 1942Cumberland
12Harold W. Verrill3145013115 Jan. 1944Penobscot
13Herbert S. Verrill1411727530 May 1942Cumberland
14Howard F. Verrill3140227119 Sept. 1944Oxford
15John P. Verrill3115475427 Oct. 1942Cumberland
16Lawrence L. Verrill311537696 Oct. 1942Cumberland
17Lawrence R. Verrill3147408715 Feb. 1945Oxford
18Leon O. Verrill310259508 Jan. 1942Cumberland
19Linden E. Verrill1109794630 Oct. 1942Cumberland
20Lloyd A. Verrill1112282627 May 1943Kennebec
21Paul E. Verrill3132167013 April 1943Cumberland
22Philip O. Verrill3131923112 Feb. 1943Cumberland
23Prescott L. Verrill314015724 Aug. 1944York
24Raymond E. Verrill311166128 June 1942Cumberland
25Richard H. Verrill3122252513 Nov. 1942Waldo

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