Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Arvo A. Ware1108476924 Nov. 1942Cumberland
2Charles O. Ware3121701223 Nov. 1942Cumberland
3Charles R. Ware314006186 Jan. 1944Kennebec
4Edward N. Ware1101672926 Dec. 1940Lincoln
5Elmer M. Ware3104549225 March 1942Androscoggin
6Frank H. Ware3115004521 July 1942Kennebec
7Guy L. Ware1112278526 March 1943Kennebec
8Harold V. Ware3110060429 June 1942Penobscot
9Herbert E. Ware3115106812 Aug. 1942Kennebec
10Lawrence C. Ware1109760114 Oct. 1942Lincoln
11Linwood E. Ware3109970818 May 1942Penobscot
12Norman L. Ware3131798417 March 1943Penobscot
13Ray M. Ware1101348218 Oct. 1940Kennebec
14Richard I. Ware3132102325 March 1943Kennebec
15Victor W. Ware3131984324 Feb. 1943Kennebec
16Walter Ware110683756 Aug. 1942Somerset

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