Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Carl R. Webster311504973 Aug. 1942Androscoggin
2Carlton B. Webster110143124 Nov. 1940Penobscot
3Carroll E. Webster310617535 Feb. 1942Androscoggin
4Clarence H. Webster3115188525 Aug. 1942Franklin
5Clifton B. Webster, Jr.1115753417 Sept. 1946Kennebec
6Clifton F. Webster3114695117 Aug. 1942Penobscot
7Delwyn M. Webster3111771110 July 1942Knox
8Donald C. Webster310617905 Feb. 1942Androscoggin
9Earl A. Webster3151416616 Oct. 1945Penobscot
10Elwood W. Webster312208155 Feb. 1943Cumberland
11Francis E. Webster3102724815 March 1941Franklin
12Frank L. Webster310451568 Sept. 1941Androscoggin
13Fred M. Webster3135219521 Oct. 1943Hancock
14Harlan S. Webster3111693118 June 1942Cumberland
15Henry A. Webster061227413 Oct. 1945Undefined Code
16Herbert L. Webster1101327611 Sept. 1940Cumberland
17Hermon T. Webster3109934423 April 1942Hancock
18Howard E. Webster3114642129 July 1942Hancock
19Lawrence B. Webster061385911 May 1946Penobscot
20Leland F. Webster3110064130 June 1942Penobscot
21Lewis B. Webster3128199727 Nov. 1942Hancock
22Paul G. Webster3135132415 June 1943Penobscot
23Percy Webster3110160924 April 1942Cumberland
24Raymond A. Webster313238757 July 1943Lincoln
25Raymond S. Webster2014363924 Feb. 1941Cumberland

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