Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Albert W. Wilcox3135180730 July 1943Penobscot
2Alden H. Wilcox3145002711 Jan. 1944Aroostook
3Alfred T. Wilcox2014920516 Sept. 1940York
4Alton D. Wilcox1104274316 Jan. 1942Aroostook
5Andrew O. Wilcox3122158114 Oct. 1942Aroostook
6Arthur A. Wilcox3145650320 March 1944Cumberland
7Arthur E. Wilcox2014681924 Feb. 1941Aroostook
8Carl F. Wilcox3122278919 Nov. 1942Washington
9Carlton M. Wilcox3131885513 May 1943Washington
10Clyde M. Wilcox312830766 Jan. 1943Aroostook
11Donald C. Wilcox313189909 Feb. 1943Franklin
12Edward H. Wilcox2014493824 Feb. 1941Androscoggin
13Elden J. Wilcox3131734019 Feb. 1943Aroostook
14Eugene N. Wilcox312821725 Dec. 1942Aroostook
15Everett N. Wilcox3131728918 Feb. 1943Washington
16Floyd P. Wilcox3149659925 April 1945Aroostook
17George D. Wilcox3151291920 June 1945Cumberland
18George F. Wilcox313194789 Aug. 1943Cumberland
19Glenn W. Wilcox3132272425 May 1943Franklin
20Harry D. Wilcox3100061419 Jan. 1941Franklin
21Howard A. Wilcox3102770620 March 1941Aroostook
22Ivan R. Wilcox3149671428 Oct. 1945Aroostook
23James E. Wilcox, Jr.3100060119 Jan. 1941Franklin
24John A. Wilcox3131975722 Feb. 1943Knox
25John H. Wilcox3131735019 Feb. 1943Aroostook

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