Maine World War II Enlistment Records


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NameSerial No.Enlistment DateCounty of Residence
1Anson H. Witham3140284728 Nov. 1945Cumberland
2Arthur D. Witham314003197 Dec. 1943Sagadahoc
3Arthur E. Witham3122197429 Oct. 1942Somerset
4Bertram G. Witham313187797 May 1943Hancock
5Blin B. Witham3145014118 Jan. 1944Piscataquis
6Burton C. Witham314726148 Nov. 1944Kennebec
7Chester B. Witham3102707813 March 1941Aroostook
8Clarence F. Witham312175559 Dec. 1942York
9Clarence F. Witham110426656 Jan. 1942Penobscot
10Clayton R. Witham3151332017 July 1945Knox
11Dana H. Witham313231249 June 1943Franklin
12Donald C. Witham1102773826 Jan. 1942Oxford
13Dwight J. Witham110279703 March 1942Somerset
14Ellery D. Witham314725103 Nov. 1944Somerset
15Evangeline WithamA-10005323 Oct. 1942Somerset
16Frank C. Witham3131971722 Feb. 1943Cumberland
17Fred B. Witham110169325 Jan. 1942Sagadahoc
18Frederick B. Witham3135097419 May 1943Hancock
19Gardiner E. Witham3121784416 Dec. 1942Oxford
20George H. Witham314732913 Jan. 1945Somerset
21Gerald G. Witham310451306 Sept. 1941Somerset
22Harlan J. Witham3132285627 May 1943Androscoggin
23Harold C. Witham3121684418 Nov. 1942Kennebec
24Harris Witham3111676710 June 1942York
25Henry B. Witham3147438716 March 1945Hancock

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