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Name or SubjectDescriptionYear
1Benjamin AmesSee State Prison 1823 #193 (papers missing)1823
2Benjamin AmesSee State Prison 1824 9-661824
3Charles V. AmesSee Wilkins, Daniel and others 1824 10-601824
4Daniel G. AmesReport on the petition of Captains Daniel G. Ames and Elisha Grant praying to be set off from the 1st Brig. and annexed to the 2nd Brig., 3rd Div.1826
5David G. Ames and othersReport on the Communication of the Commanding Officers of the 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division for disbanding a Company of Cavalry1831
6Samuel Ames and othersReport on various petitions regarding the Blind and Dead and Dumb (has letters written by students)1840
7William Ames and othersReport on the application for the admission of Harriet Hunter of Clinton to the American Asylum1834
8William Ames and othersReport on the petition of William Ames and others for a Company of Artillery in Clinton1826
9Winslow N. AmesReport on the organization of the 4th Regt., 1st Brig., and 4th Division1835

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