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1James CampbellReport on the report of the Commissioners to investigate the doings of certain Land Agents (papers missing, Vol. 3, pg. 434, #524)1831
2James CampbellReport on the Resolve in favor of, Associate Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, 3rd Eastern Circuit1824
3James CampbellSee Vance, William 1825 13-51825
4James A. CampbellSee Washington County Road 1824 #291 (papers missing)1824
5James A. CampbellReport on the accounts of William Vance and James A. Campbell, Agents for opening the road from Round Lake to the line between Township 9 and 101830
6James A. CampbellReport in part on the accounts of certain Land Agents1830
7James Campbell, Jr.Warrant in favor of John G. Deane and others for locating the Northeast Boundary1839
8Richard Campbell and othersReport on the petition of Richard Campbell and others of Cherryfield, Harrington and Steuben, for a Company of Light Infantry, giving leave to withdraw their petition1827
9Richard C. Campbell and othersReport on the petition of Richard C. Campbell and others for a Company of Light Infantry in the towns of Cherryfield, Harrington and Steuben1828
10Samuel A. Campbell and othersReport disbanding a company of Infantry in Embden1836

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