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1John Chamberlain and othersReport on the bond of the Hancock County Commissioners1838
2Joshua ChamberlainReport on the account of John Godfrey in the case of the State vs. Joshua Chamberlain1831
3Joshua ChamberlainReport on the bond of Joshua Chamberlain, Penobscot Indian Agent1828
4Joshua ChamberlainReport on the account of Joshua Chamberlain, Esq., one of the Agents of the Penobscot Indians1829
5Joshua ChamberlainOrder relating to the Indian Agency1829
6Joshua ChamberlainReport on Joshua Chamberlain's accounts as Penobscot Indian Agent1829
7Joshua ChamberlainReport on the accounts of Joshua Chamberlain, late Penobscot Indian Agent1830
8Joshua ChamberlainReport on the letter of Joshua Chamberlain regarding his accounts as Penobscot Indian Agent1830
9Joshua Chamberlain, Jr., and othersReport on the petition of, for a Company of Light Infantry in Brewer1825
10Samuel ChamberlainWarrant in favor of Samuel Chamberlain, member of the House of Representatives1832

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