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Name or SubjectDescriptionYear
1Joseph CopelandWarrants for Salaries1839
2Joseph CopelandWarrants in favor of the Officers of Government for their salaries1840
3Joseph T. CopelandWarrant for Salaries1840
4Joseph T. CopelandReport on the Warrant for Salaries1840
5Joseph T. CopelandWarrant for Salaries1839
6Joseph T. CopelandReport on the Warrant for Salaries1840
7Joseph T. CopelandReport on the Election of the E Company in the Town of Anson1840
8(Major) Joseph T. CopelandReport on the claim of Major Joseph T. Copeland1839
9Joseph T. Copeland and othersReport on the petition of Joseph T. Copeland and others to be organized into a company of Light Infantry in New Portland and vicinity1838

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