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Name or SubjectDescriptionYear
1Isaac EatonReport on the petition of Nathan Haskell and others for a pardon for1821
2Joseph Eaton and othersSee Dennison, Andrew and others 1825 14-71825
3Joseph Eaton and othersReport on a pardon of William Douglass of Litchfield1840
4Luther EatonReport appointing Luther Eaton Agent for opening the Passadunkeag Road (papers missing, v.2, pg. 44)1826
5Luther EatonWarrant in favor of Luther Eaton, Agent for the State Road near Passadunkeag1826
6Luther EatonReport on the account of Luther Eaton, Esq., Agent for the Passadunkeag Road1827
7Solomon Eaton and othersSee Randall, John and others 1823 5-401823
8Solomon Eaton and othersReport on the petition of Solomon Eaton and others for the pardon of Charles Rogers, giving leave to withdraw their petition1829

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