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1Erastus FooteReport on a pardon for Moses Call of Nobleboro1837
2Erastus FooteWarrant in favor of the Attorney General1822
3Erastus FooteSee Massachusetts Claims 1824 #340 (papers missing)1824
4Erastus FooteSee Salaries 1820 1-311820
5Erastus FooteReport on the report of Erastus Foote, Esq., Agent to collect demands by Massachusetts on Maine1826
6Erastus FooteWarrants in favor of Erastus Foote1826
7Erastus FooteWarrant in favor of Erastus Foote, Attorney General, for prosecuting Trespass on the Public Land1829
8Erastus FooteReport appointing Erastus Foote to the Committee to cnsider statutes respecting the State Prison, laws concerning crimes and punishment and managemenrt of the State Prison generally (V. 2, pg. 422 #949 papers missing)1828

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