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1Arthur L. Grant and othersReport organizing a company of Light Infantry in Hermon1836
2(Capt.) Elisha GrantReport on the petition of Captains Daniel G. Ames and Elisha Grant praying to be set off from the 1st Brig. and annexed to the 2nd Brig., 3rd Div.1826
3George W. Grant and othersReport for a transfer of a company of Infantry in Prospect to the 2nd Regiment1839
4James GrantSee Williamson, Joseph 1825 14-271825
5Timothy B. Grant and othersReport on the petition of Timothy B. Grant and others for a Light Infantry Company1839
6William GrantWarrant in favor of, for a piece of land on which the Gunhouse now stands in Westbrook1823
7William Grant and othersReport on the pardon of Noah D. Sargent of Monroe1840

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