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Name or SubjectDescriptionYear
1Benjamin J. HerrickReport on the communication from Benjamin J. Herrick in relation to the organization of a Company of Light Infantry in Alfred, giving leave to withdraw his petition1829
2Charles HerrickMedical report on Charles Herrick of Strong, who is blind1835
3Charles HerrickReport in favor of Charles Herrick of Strong, a blind person1836
4George W. HerrickReport on the petition of John Anderson and others for a pardon of George W. Herrick of Portland1838
5Jedediah HerrickPapers relative to the official conduct of, Esq., Sheriff of Penobscot County (Reg. Vol. 1, pg. 8, #10, papers missing)1820
6Jedediah HerrickReport on Jedediah Herrick's bond as Penobscot County Sheriff1821
7Jedediah HerrickReport on the Resolve in favor of, Penobscot County Sheriff1824
8Jedidiah HerrickSee Sanborn, James and others 1823 7-37(1)1823
9(General) Jedidiah HerrickLetter from, regarding organization of the towns of Newport, Jackson, Brooks, Knox, Thorndike and Joy into Companies1820
10Joshua Herrick and othersReport on applications for admission to the American Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb1837
11Oliver HerrickReport appointing, Agent for the preservation of timber on the public lands (Reg. V. 1, pg. 141, #187, papers missing)1823
12Oliver HerrickReport on the account of Oliver Herrick, Esq., regarding trespass on Public Lands on the Dead River1826
13Thomas Herrick and othersReport on the petition of Thomas Herrick and others for the pardon of Josiah Landers of Harmony1832

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