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Name or SubjectDescriptionYear
1Abraham Hill and othersSee Chamberlain, Joshua, Jr., and others 1825 13-591825
2Barney S. Hill and othersReport on the petition of, to be annexed to another Militia Regiment1822
3Elhanan W. HillSee Potter, William 1821 3-131821
4H. H. HillWarrants in favor of the Clerks in the Secretary of State's Office1833
5Isaac HillReport on the petition of Isaac Hill for the restoration of John Young, 2nd, as a Captain of a Rifle Corps.1839
6Leonard Hill and othersReport on the petition of, for a division of the Company in Exeter1824
7Obadiah HillWarrant in favor of Obadiah Hill for travel and attendance at the Senate Board1832
8Obadiah Hill and othersReport on the resignation of Horatio G. Balch, Washington County Sheriff1830

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