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Name or SubjectDescriptionYear
1Barker KentWarrant in favor of the State Treasurer1838
2Edward KentReport on the Communication from Edward Kent, Agent to collect Fines, Forfeitures and Bills of Cost1832
3Edward KentWarrant in favor of Edward Kent for the continuation of the Geological Survey1838
4Edward KentReport on the settlement of accounts of Edward Kent, Governor, for the Geological Survey1839
5Edward KentReport on the account of Simeon Treadwell, Keeper of the State Arsenal at Bangor1839
6Edward KentReport on the memorial of sundry of the Penobscot Tribe of Indians for the removal of their Agent1828
7Edward Kent and othersReport on the petition of Edward Kent and others for the pardon of Joseph S. Barnes1832
8Edwin KentReport on the commutation of the sentence of Isaac Spencer1836
9Ezekiel KentReport on the petition of E. G. Thompson and others for the pardon of Ezekiel Kent and Martin L. Crossman1836

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