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Name or SubjectDescriptionYear
1Eliab LittlefieldWarrants in favor of the Secretary of State's Clerks1831
2Elijah LittlefieldReport on the bond of Elijah Littlefield, Inspector of Hops for York County1837
3Elisha LittlefieldReport on the petition of Joseph Waterhouse and others praying for the remission of the sentence of a court martial of1822
4Enoch Littlefield and othersReport on a pardon of Joseph H. Rich of Chesterville1836
5Ephraim Littlefield and othersReport on the petitions of Elisha Knowles and others for him to be discharged from confinement1829
6George LittlefieldWarrant in favor of George Littlefield for compensation for the loss of a horse while he was on military duty1829
7James M. Littlefield and othersReport on the organization of a Company of Riflemen in Orono1837
8Solomon LittlefieldWarrant in favor of Solomon Littlefield to reimburse him for money paid for land sold to another1836

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