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Name or SubjectDescriptionYear
1John MahanSee Cumberland and Oxford Canal Lottery 1823 #244 (papers missing)1823
2John MahanReport appointing John Mahan, George Willis and Charles Mussey, Managers of the Sullivan Ferry Bridge Lottery (papers missing, V. 2, pg. 45)1826
3John MahanReport on the bond of John Mahan, one of the Managers of the Cumberland and Oxford Canal Lottery1829
4John MahanReport appointing the Managers of the Steam Navigation Lottery (V. 2, pg. 239 #745 papers missing)1827
5John MahanReport appointing John Mahan as Manager of the Cumberland and Oxford Canal Lottery (V. 3, pg. 116 #138 papers missing)1829
6Michael MahanReport on a pardon to Michael Mahan of Eastport1834

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