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Name or SubjectDescriptionYear
1Arthur MorrillWarrants in favor of the Secretary of State's Clerks1838
2David MorrillReport on the petitions for the pardon of Daniel Flint of Abbot, referring the petitions to the next Council1829
3E. MorrillWarrants in favor of Agricultural Societies1832
4John MorrillReport on a Warrant in favor of John Morrill, agreeable to a Resolve passed 3/16/18401840
5Josiah MorrillWarrant in favor of Josiah Morrill for a pension1828
6L. M. Morrill and othersReport on a pardon of William Lambard of Augusta1837
7Lewis MorrillReport on the organization of new companies of Infantry1840
8Moses Morrill and othersReport on the organization of a Rifle Company in Wells1839
9William B. MorrillReport on the organization of the 4th Regt., 1st Brig., and 4th Division1835
10Winthrop MorrillReport providing for the education of Winthrop Morrill, a deaf and dumb person, at the American Asylum1826
11Winthrop MorrillReport that Winthrop Morrill of Falmouth is to be removed from the American Asylum1829

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