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1Abner PaineReport on a Warrant in favor of Abner Paine, Treasurer of Charleston Academy1840
2Daniel PaineWarrant in favor of Daniel Paine, Treasurer of the Waterville Liberal Institute1838
3H. W. PaineReport on the claim of the Kennebec Volunteers for service during the Northeast Boundary dispute1839
4John PaineReport on the pardon of Daniel Clark, Jr. of Bradford1840
5John PaineReport on the petition for a Pardon to Daniel Clark, Jr., of Bradford1839
6John PaineReport on the appointment of the Auditor of the Accounts of the State Prison1826
7John PaineWarrant in favor of John Paine, Esq., for auditing the accounts of the State Prison1827
8John G. Paine and othersReport on the petition of, for a Company called the Thomaston Guards1824
9John G. Paine and othersPetition of, to be a guard to protect the State Prison, giving leave to withdraw their petition1825
10John G. Paine and othersReport raising and organizing a volunteer company for the protection of the State Prison1825
11Lemuel Paine and othersReport on a pardon to Enoch Fuller of Winslow1834
12William PaineReport in favor of Daniel Paine, Treasurer of the Waterville Liberal Institute1839

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