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1Charles S. PrebleWarrant in favor of Charles S. Preble for a pension1832
2Enoch PrebleWarrant in favor of Enoch Preble as informant against Henry Wheeler for having counterfeit coins1835
3Enoch PrebleWarrant in favor of Enoch Preble for services as informer and prosecutor of William McLeran for possession of counterfeit coin1836
4William P. PrebleWarrant in favor of William P. Preble1833
5William P. PrebleReport on a pardon of Charles Sargent of Portland1836
6William Pitt PrebleReport appointing a committee to consider all statutes respecting the State Prison, all laws concerning crimes and punishment, and management of the State Prison generally (V. 2, pg. 359 #877 papers missing)1828
7William Pitt PrebleReport in favor of, Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine1822
8William Pitt PrebleSee Civil Officers 1824 #296 (papers missing)1824
9William Pitt PrebleSee Rose, Daniel and others 1822 #137 (papers missing)1822

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