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1Frederic A. Ruggles and othersReport on the remonstrance of Frederic A. Ruggles and others against being set off to a new Regiment1830
2John RugglesReport appointing a committee to consider all statutes respecting the State Prison, all laws concerning crimes and punishment, and management of the State Prison generally (V. 2, pg. 359 #877 papers missing)1828
3John RugglesWarrant in favor of John Ruggles, Executor of the Estate of Daniel Rose, late Land Agent1834
4John RugglesReport on a pardon to Nathan A. Farwell of Unity1835
5John RugglesSee Paine, John G. and others 1825 13-491825
6Jonathan RugglesReport on the communication from Ezekiel Stearns, one of the Overseers of the State Prison1828
7Paul Ruggles and othersReport on the petition of Paul Ruggles and others to be organized into a Company of Infantry in Carmel1833
8William H. Ruggles and othersPetition of, to disband the Company of Cavalry in the 2nd Bat. 2nd Div.1824

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