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1Charles SargentReport on the petitions for the pardon of Charles Sargent of Portland1836
2Charles SargentReport on a pardon of Charles Sargent of Portland1836
3John SargentReport on the application of John Sargent to be paid a part of the proceeds of the Lottery granted him for building the Sullivan Ferry Bridge1827
4John SargentWarrant in favor of John Sargent, Esq., proceeds of 4 Classes in the Lottery granted for his benefit1827
5Noah D. SargentReport on the pardon of Noah D. Sargent of Monroe1840
6Paul D. Sargent and othersReport on the petition of Paul D. Sargent and others, of the towns of Sullivan, Franklin, etc., for a Company of Riflemen1827
7Robert SargentReport on the communication of Robert Sargent relative to a company of Light Infantry in Brooks1837
8(Col.) Robert SargentReport declaring the election of Isaac Witham as Ensign null and void1837
9William SargentReport on the petition of William Sargent to be set off to another Militia Company in Porter, giving leave to withdraw1832

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