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1George M. WestonWarrant for Salaries1840
2George M. WestonReport on the Warrant for Salaries1840
3George M. WestonWarrant for Salaries1839
4George M. WestonWarrants for Salaries1839
5George M. WestonReport on the Warrant for Salaries1840
6Jonathan D. WestonReport on the account of Jonathan D. Weston, Esq., late Agent of the Passamaquoddy Indians1828
7Jonathan D. WestonReport on the application of, Esq., Indian Agent for payment of the purchase of land for the Indians1822
8Jonathan D. WestonWarrant on the account of, Esq., Indian Agent, and Warrant in favor of Deacon Sockabasin1824
9Jonathan D. WestonSee Frost, William and others 1824 10-561824
10Nathan WestonReport on the commutation of the sentence of Isaac Spencer1836
11Nathan WestonReport on a pardon of Joseph H. Rich of Chesterville1836
12Nathan WestonWarrant for Salaries1840
13Nathan WestonReport on the Warrant for Salaries1840
14Nathan WestonReport on a Pardon for Edmund Higgins1839
15Nathan WestonWarrant for Salaries1839
16Nathan WestonSee Civil Officers 1824 #296 (papers missing)1824
17Nathan WestonWarrants for Salaries1839
18Nathan WestonWarrants in favor of the Officers of Government for their salaries1840
19Nathan Weston, Jr.Warrant in favor of1822
20Reuel WestonSee Emery, Joseph 3rd 1825 12-651825

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