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Secretary of State Correspondence


Secretary of State Correspondence Record: Petition to recommend David Gordon as agent of the Passamaquoddy Indians.

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Item Description: Petition to recommend David Gordon as agent of the Passamaquoddy Indians.
Date Written: 28 June 1859
Box and Folder: 21-35
Associated names: Henry Adams; S. W. Adams; D. W. Allen; G. W. Allen; Maxwell Anderson; Samuel Arnold; L. C. Bailey; Isaac Barber; William Barber; Samuel R. Barclay; John Barker; Matthew L. Barker; A. W. Barnard; D. B. Barnard; Edgar Barnard; Edward A. Barnard; G. S. Barnard; James Barnes; A. B. Beals; J. G. Becket; Peter Benwis; Stillman Berry; George W. Black; William Brown; John B. Burnham; John Burns; William G. Burrill; A. L. Clapp; Amos Clark; Caleb S. Cole; B. W. Condell; Elbridge E. Cook; Elisha W. Cook; George N. Cook; H. C. Copeland; Anor Coywell; John Crangel; Isiah Crompton; C. W. Crosby; Francis Dana; John Dana; Joseph Mitchell Dana; Sabatis Dana; Sopiel Dana; George Davidson; Charles L. Deming; William Deming, Jr.; Swasin Dennis; James B. Dingee; Robert Duncan; Gilbert Dungan; John Ferrs; John P. Field; C. Flewelling; G. H. Foster; Gilbert Foster; William Fracher; Socoby Francis; Henry E. Fraser; Warren Fraser; Samuel Gallagher; D. M. Gardner; C. R. Goodnow; David Gordon; H. W. Gordon; J. H. Gordon; John Gordon; John Hoyt Gordon; J. L. Gould; George Frederick Granger; Joseph Granger; H. Grank; J. H. Griffin; Archibald Haliday; Samuel Hanans; William B. Heywood; Huthun Higgins; Hanvers Hill; James Hill; L. S. Holt; Calvin Horton; R. W. Houston; J. Hume; H. N. Hun; Reuben Hun; William Huntly; John Jackson; C. Jenkin; Samuel Johnson; Thomas Johnson; Lorenzo S. Judkins; Harrison Keen; Janius Keen; William F. Keen; C. H. Kelley; L. C. Kelley; Samuel Kelley; William Kelley; C. Kidder; Jonathan Kidder; G. D. King; G. G. King; J. T. King; W. B. King; E. Kinsman; Jerome Knight; Joseph Lacoos; Piere Lacort; Peter Lecela; Charles Lord; John Lord; W. W. Lowell; B Marshall; S. S. Mason; William McCullough; David McIntosh; Joseph McLeain; Piere Mitchell; W. H. Mitchell; Lewey Neptune; Socalexis Newell; Susepsis Newell; John Nichols; Thomas B. Nichols; John Noonan; Henry Norton; J. B. Norton; J. C. Perkins; S. G. Pike; Peter Poles; Sandy Poles; Tormat Polis; James Robbins; W. P. Robertson; P. Sabates; James Sambe; L. D. Sanger; L. D. Savage; Jesse Scott; Joseph Seavey; Hugh Slater; David H. Smith; G. W. Smith; James M. Smith; N. Smith; Seth W. Smith; Joseph Socoby; Frank L. Stevens; A. D. Stiles; B. D. Stinchfield; E. Swan; William E. Tarbell; W. B. Taylor; Peter B. Teed; Edgar Townsend; Christopher Tracy; William H. Tracy; J. P. Treat; George Turner; Samuel W. Valentine; Ellis Vealne; B. F. Waite; John C. T. Waite; J. H. Walton; Isaac Ward; William Ward; G. Washburn; Henry L. Whittier; John Williams; T. Williams; L. Q. Wilson; William A. Wilson; William T. Woodberry; John Woodman
Associated subjects: Indian agents; Passamaquoddy Tribe; Maine—Officials and employees; Petitions—Calais, Maine
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Source citation: "Secretary of State Correspondence, 1820-1914," database, Maine Genealogy ( : accessed 5 December 2021), entry for Petition to recommend David Gordon as agent of the Passamaquoddy Indians., 28 June 1859, citing Hancock County Court of Sessions database, Maine State Archives.

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