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Secretary of State Correspondence Record: Petition to recommend David Gordon to be appointed as Indian Agent to the Passapaquoddy Tribe.

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Item Description: Petition to recommend David Gordon to be appointed as Indian Agent to the Passapaquoddy Tribe.
Date Written: 1867
Box and Folder: 26-19
Associated names: Thomas F. Abbott; Ward Abbott; S. Adams; S. H. Adams; H. Agnew; James Agnew; Thomas Armstrong; F. B. Bailey; L. C. Bailey; Q. Charles Bailey; T. Bailey; William Barber; Samuel E. Barclay; John Barker; A. W. Barnard; Charles W. Barnard; D. B. Barnard; E. P. Barnard; Edward A. Barnard; H. W. Barnard; J. G. Barnard; A. B. Bassford; Thomas Bavis; J. G. Beckett; L. B. Berry; Samuel Black; George A. Blake; George Brackett; Simeon Briggs; B. S. W. Brisley; J. Calish; Martin Cane; Rufus Carver; W. J. Cershell; A. L. Clapp; George Cleaves; William Cochran; D. C. Copeland; B. W. Cordel; John Couley; John Curran; Samuel Curry; Charles Davidson; George Davidson; William Deming, Jr.; G. W. Demuth; George Downes; J. M. Dyer; Jeromi Eaton; C. Ellis; G. W. Eye; R. M. Flint; G. Foster; G. H. Foster; William B. Foster; B. W. French; Samuel Gallagher; D. M. Gardner; Robert J. Gilman; David H. Godroe; C. R. Goodnow; David Gordon; J. Q. Gould; W. A. Granger; J. E. Grant; J. M. Hall; James S. Hall; W. L. Hall; Archibald Halliday; Rufus Ham; G. T. Hamilton; J. C. Haycock; O. P. Heat; A. Q. Hill; D. Hill; J. B. Horton; T. W. Horton; R. Huggins; David Hume; William Huntley; George Hutchins; Joseph Hutchins; John Jackson; Levi A. James; Samuel Johnson; Thomas Johnson; B. F. Kelley; L. C. Kelly; G. D. King; G. G. King; G. T. King; O. W. King; William T. King; J. Knight; Alex Kyle; John Larner; Frank H. Lawrence; James A. Lee; W. T. Leidenquist; Charles P. Lord; Rufus Lord; Levi L. Lowell; John Marks; A. S. McCathine; William McCullough; John McNutt; John Miller; G. W. Murphy; Frank Nelson; C. H. Newton; John Nicholes, Jr.; John Nichols; Isaac Noble; A. F. Pendleton; C. R. Pike; James A. Pike; Samuel G. Pike; William Pirce; G. T. Porter; E. D. Preen; N. A. Preston; P. M. Purington; Samuel Rideout; W. B. Rine; James Robbins; W. P. Robertson; James Sambe; A. H. Sawyer; Joseph Sawyer; Joseph W. Sawyer; L. D. Sawyer; M. Silverston; Charles E. Small; John C. Smith; R. B. Sorrell; Jefferson Spearin; Stephen Spinny; E. A. Spring; John F. Stackpole; Willard Stanhope; A. D. Stiles; Benjamin Stoddard; F. A. Stoddard; N. Stuart; J. G. Tarbell; James Teltison; H. Thomas; Herbert Todd; William Todd, Jr.; Seth Townsend; John Trott; W. B. Tylor; L. L. Wadsworth, Jr.; B. F. Waite; A. H. Ward; Wilbur Hay Ward; C. F. Washburn; S. E. Watt; A. L. Weymouth; Benjamin Wheeler; J. A. White; Amos Wilder; F. W. Williams; John Williams; F. Winchell; James Winchell; William Woods; B. Young; E. Young; H. S. Young; W. H. Young
Associated subjects: Petitions—Calais, Maine; Maine—Officials and employees; Indian agents—Perry, Maine; Passamaquoddy Indians
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Source citation: "Secretary of State Correspondence, 1820-1914," database, Maine Genealogy ( : accessed 26 May 2022), entry for Petition to recommend David Gordon to be appointed as Indian Agent to the Passapaquoddy Tribe., 1867, citing Hancock County Court of Sessions database, Maine State Archives.

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