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Secretary of State Correspondence


Secretary of State Correspondence Record: Petition recommending the appointment of William E. Morris to the office of Judge of the Municipal Court in Portland.

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Item Description: Petition recommending the appointment of William E. Morris to the office of Judge of the Municipal Court in Portland.
Date Written: 1870
Box and Folder: 29-4
Associated names: J. H. Adams; William L. Alden; E. W. Allen; T. C. Arey; Atwood and Company; F. O. Bailey; Jacob C. Baker; John Barbour; Peleg Barker; B. Barnes, Jr.; George W. Beal; Rufus D. Bean; W. C. Beckett; W. A. Bibber; L. H. Billings; William S. Billings; M. A. Blanchard; M. B. Bowrne; L. C. Briggs; G. W. Brown; W. T. Brown; A. Butters; Isaac L. Cam; P. Chamberlain; Hazen M. Chase; William Chase; William Chenery; Clark and Lowell; D. W. Clark; J. W. Colcord; S. H. Colesworthy; S. H. Colesworthy, Jr.; Cook and Ayers; Jefferson Coolidge; J. R. Corey; Augustus F. Cox; C. E. Cram; Rensellar Cram; J. H. Cressey; George R. Davis; John Dennis; J. B. Donnell; John E. Donnell; Jeremiah Dow; John Dow; Ezra Drew; Charles L. Drummund; E. H. Dunn; J. W. Dyer; Gilburn Elden; Nathaniel W. Elsworth; S. W. Emery; J. H. Fletcher; Benjamin Fogg; George F. Foster; A. L. Fox; Franklin Fox; H. F. Furbish; Samuel Garland; E. P. Gerrish; F. A. Gerrish; W. E. Gibbs; Ambrose Giddings; Daniel Gill; George H. Gill; F. E. Gilman; George Gilman; L. C. Gilson; Daniel F. Glats; Edward Gould; William E. Gould; George M. Green; William H. Green; F. Greenough; Joseph R. Hall; E. Hamblin; William Hammond; F. R. Harris; William P. Hastings; Charles M. Hawkes; John G. Hayes; George W. Herrick; J. H. Herrick; Rufus H. Hinkley; Joshua Hobbs; Hodgdon and Sons; Charles H. Holland; J. L. Holman; Jeremiah Howe; Joseph Ilsley; Charles P. Ingraham; William H. Ingraham; William H. Jerris; E. W. Johnson; Benjamin H. Jones; Henry A. Jones; Jesse H. Jones; Dexter Jordan; Leonard Jordan; C. E. Jose; H. N. Jose; W. Kelley; King, Thurlow and Company; Benjamin Kingsbury, Jr.; C. K. Ladd; S. N. Larrabee; W. W. Latham; Eben Leach; A. Lermont; B. H. Lewis; Lewis, Chase and Whitten; John Lewis; Russell Lewis; Danville Libby; Edmund Libby; Edward G. Light; Charles A. Lord; John D. Lord; Prentiss Loring; Thomas Lynch; Augustus D. Marr; L. M. Marr; Marr, True and Company; Charles McLaughlin; Joseph McLellen; J. A. Merrill; Charles J. Merris; Charles H. Meserve; Frederick G. Messer; H. S. Metchin; N. J. Miller; William H. Milliken; J. I. Mitchell, Jr.; Edward Moore; A. P. Morgan; William E. Morris; C. A. B. Morse; William H. Morse; John H. C. Munsey; Joshua C. Musse; C. H. Myer; Daniel W. Nash; Freedom Nash; O. M. Nash; Hubbard H. Nevers; E. A. Norton; C. Nowell; E. A. Noyes; Frank Noyes; H. C. Noyes; James Noyes; Lewis O'Brion; Edwin C. Owen; Charles Payson; Thomas Pennell; E. G. Perkins; John W. Perkins; Robert R. Perkins; Joseph H. Pettingill; Phinney and Jackson; Charles W. Pickard; Charles M. Plummer; Frank E. Powerson; James H. Prince; John C. Procter; John F. Proctor; G. W. Randall; J. F. Randall; John Randall; C. M. Rice; M. C. Rich; N. M. Rich; D. B. Ricker; Thomas A. Roberts; H. I. Robinson; Rollins and Bond; C. B. Ross; Washington Ryan; Charles Sampson; Micah Sampson; J. F. Sand; F. C. Sargent; John E. Sawyer; William Seuter; William U. Shailer; Eaton Shaw; John P. Shaw; Henry D. Shed; O. P. Shephard; J. C. Shuirtey; A. Shurtleff; A. K. Shurtleff; Stephen R. Small; William T. Small; Samuel E. Smardon; A. M. Smith; F. A. Smith; John D. Snowman; Andrew Spring; Charles Staples; Edward R. Staples; Eben Steele; A. B. Stephenson; W. H. Stephenson; A. B. Stevens; Augustus E. Stevens; C. B. Strout; Brown Thurston; C. B. Thurston; George F. Thurston; William Tompson; George Trefethen; Elisha Trowbridge; Samuel A. True; John C. Tukesbury; Twitchell Champlin Company; G. C. Tyler; Edward Wall; John Waterhouse; Stephen Whittemore; E. G. Willard; C. F. Williams; George Wincester; William H. Wood; William J. Wood; Alfred Woodman; George W. Woodsman; Russell W. Worcester; Joseph S. York
Associated subjects: Petitions—Portland, Maine; Portland (Cumberland Co., Me.); Judges—Maine; Courts—Officials and employees—Maine
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Source citation: "Secretary of State Correspondence, 1820-1914," database, Maine Genealogy ( : accessed 2 December 2021), entry for Petition recommending the appointment of William E. Morris to the office of Judge of the Municipal Court in Portland., 1870, citing Hancock County Court of Sessions database, Maine State Archives.

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