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Eustis, Franklin County

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Franklin County (set off from Lincoln County to Kennebec County in 1799, to Somerset County in 1809, to Franklin County in 1838)


1841 for election purposes as Plantation No. 1 R4 (Attwood's Length and Breadth of Maine gives the plantation name as "Hanover")


1845 and 1855 as Jackson Plantation—together with T2 R3 WBKP (now Lang Township), T1 R3 WBKP (now Coplin Plantation), and T4 R3 BKP WKR (now Wyman Township)—which was dissolved in 1859


1857 as Eustis Plantation, having seceded from Jackson Plantation



Previous Designations

Township No. 1, Fourth Range West of Bingham's Kennebec Purchase (T1 R4 WBKP); Bath Academy Grant

Villages, Locations and Settlements

Eustis, Stratton, Tim Pond (former post office)

Adjacent Towns and Townships

Bigelow Township, Coplin Plantation, Flagstaff Township, Jim Pond Township, Tim Pond Township, Wyman Township


Maine Historical Maps: Eustis


A Few Cemeteries in Maine

Census Records

1837 Census of Eustis, (Bath Academy Grant, 1R4), Franklin Co., Maine

Military Records

World War I Soldiers Index: Eustis

General Resources

FamilySearch Catalog: Eustis, Franklin, Maine

Maine Memory Network: Eustis

Maine Memory Network: Stratton


______, (Disable ad blocker to view link)Inventory of the town and city archives of Maine: no. 4 Franklin County, vol. VII: Eustis [] (Portland, Me.: Maine Historical Records Survey, 1939)

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