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Rangeley Plantation, Franklin County

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Franklin County (set off from Cumberland County to Oxford County in 1805, to Franklin County in 1838)


1840 for election purposes as Rangeley Plantation


1845 as part of Dallas Plantation (name changed that year from "Plantations 2 and 3 in the first range and 2 and 3 in the second range of townships"), together with T2 R1 WBKP (now Sandy River Plantation), T2 R2 WBKP (now Dallas Plantation), and T3 R2 WBKP (now Rangeley); name changed in 1852 to Rangeley Plantation; such multiple-township plantations were abolished in 1859


1859 as Rangeley Plantation for election purposes; organization confirmed and made valid in 1885; successor to former plantation organized in 1895

Previous Designations

Township 3, First Range West of Bingham's Kennebec Purchase (T2 R1 WBKP)

Villages, Locations and Settlements

Bemis, Greenvale Cove

Adjacent Towns and Townships

Rangeley, Richardsontown Township, Sandy River Plantation, Township D, Township E

Military Records

World War I Soldiers Index: Rangeley Plantation

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