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Legislative Index: An Act to change the name of certain persons

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Description: An Act to change the name of certain persons
Subjects: Abbott, David Wesley from David Abbott, 3rd; Abbott, David, 3rd, to Abbott, David Wesley; Adle, Cornelius from Cornelius Adle Turner; Adle, Huldah Jane from Huldah Jane Turner; Bacon, Mary Gilmer from Mary Cobb; Bates, George Washington from Ephraim Woods Benjamim; Benjamin, Ephraim Woods to George Washington Bates; Bowditch, Martha Butler to Martha Butler Davis; Boynton, Joseph to Nathan Joseph Boynton; Boynton, Nathan Joseph from Joseph Boynton; Bragg, William Giles to William Giles Kingsbury; Carr, Mary Almena from Almena Gilman; Clapp, Andrew Leonard Emerson from Edward Clapp Emerson; Cobb, Mary to Mary Gilmer Bacon; Cox, Adriel to Adriel Cox Fales; Davis, Martha Butler from Martha Butler Bowditch; Dyer, Ezra Francis from Jeremiah Dyer; Dyer, Jeremiah to Ezra Francis Dyer; Emerson, Edward Clapp to Andrew Leonard Emerson Clapp; Emery, Nathan and family from Nathan Maddocks; Fales, Adriel Cox from Adriel Cox; Gay, Bud to George Gay; Gay, George from Bud Gay; Gilman, Almena to Mary Almena Carr; Gleason, Joseph Franklin from Joseph F. Wentworth; Haddock, Albert Tracy to Albert Tracy; Hagar, Sewal to Sewal Witt; Hartshorn, Charles from Hartshorn Hodgkins; Hodgkins, Hartshorn to Charles Hartshorn; Kingsbury, William Giles from William Giles Bragg; Lowell, Andrew Jackson to Andrew Judson Lowell; Lowell, Andrew Judson from Andrew Jackson Lowell; Maddocks, Nathan and family to Nathan Emery; Marks, Abigail Lurena to Abigail Lurena Preble; Marks, Albion Foster to Albion Foster Preble; Marks, Francis Marion to Francis Marion Preble; Marks, Galen to Galen Preble; Marks, Hannah to Hannah Preble; Marks, Joseph Warren to Joseph Warren Preble; Marks, Susan Joanna to Susan Joanna Preble; Mitchell, David Greenleaf from David Greenleaf Vidito; Morrill, Nancy to Ann Wight; Name Changes; Porter, James from James Porterfield, 2nd; Porter, Mary from Mary Porterfield; Porterfield, James, 2nd to James Porter; Porterfield, Mary to Mary Porter; Preble, Abigail Lurena from Abigail Lurena Marks; Preble, Albion Foster from Albion Foster Marks; Preble, Francis Marion from Francis Marion Marks; Preble, Galen from Galen Marks; Preble, Hannah from Hannah Marks; Preble, Joseph Warren from Joseph Warren Marks; Preble, Susan Joanna from Susan Joanna Marks; Pullen, Clement Augustus from Clement Pullen; Pullen, Clement to Clement Augustus Pullen; Stevens, Elizabeth Russell to Laura Holmes Stevens; Stevens, Ephraim Brown from Ephraim Stevens, Jr.; Stevens, Ephraim, Jr. to Ephraim Brown Stevens; Stevens, Laura Holmes from Elizabeth Russell Stevens; Tracy, Albert from Albert Tracy Haddock; Turner, Cornelius Adle to Cornelius Adle; Turner, Huldah Jane to Huldah Jane Adle; Vidito, David Greenleaf to David Greenleaf Mitchell; Wentworth, Joseph Franklin to Joseph F. Gleason; Wight, Ann from Nancy Morrill; Witt, Sewal from Sewal Hagar; Woodcock, George, Jr. to George Woodman; Woodman, George from George Woodcock, Jr.
Year: 1841
Type: PS Ch 99
Reference Code: 181-99
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Source citation: "Maine Legislative Index, 1820-1855, 1861-1865," database, Maine Genealogy ( : accessed 14 July 2024), entry for An Act to change the name of certain persons, 1841, citing Legislature and Legislature 61-65 databases, Maine State Archives.

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