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Legislative Index: An Act to change the name of certain persons

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Description: An Act to change the name of certain persons
Subjects: Beeman, Charles Hiram from Charles Hiram Judge; Brainerd, Mary Ann to Mary Ann Brainerd Gower; Brookings, Elkanah J. S. to John Brookings; Brookings, John from Elkanah J. S. Brookings; Cary, Peter Whitney from Peter Whitney Waterhouse; Closson, Phebe Elizabeth to Elizabeth Closson Gray; Cochran, Harriet E. to Harriet E. Tucker; Craven, George to Wiggin Merrill; Dakin, Samuel Sherebiah from Sherebiah Dakin; Dakin, Sherebiah to Samuel Sherebiah Dakin; Doore, John to John Leighton; Foss, Ivory Hovey from Ivory Foss; Foss, Ivory to Ivory Hovey Foss; Gower, Mary Ann Brainerd from Mary Ann Brainerd; Gray, Elizabeth Closson from Phebe Elizabeth Closson; Hale, Mary Asenath from Mary Jane Hale; Hale, Mary Jane to Mary Asenath Hale; Hamlen, Ann from Ann Hurd; Harriman, Andrew from Jackson McLaughlin; Hurd, Ann to Ann Hamlen; Ingalls, Hannibal Kimball from Hannibal Ingalls Kimball; Ingalls, Julia Emerson Kimball from Julia Emerson Kimball; Judge, Charles Hiram to Charles Hiram Beeman; Kimball, Hannibal Ingalls to Hannibal Kimball Ingalls; Kimball, Julia Emerson to Julia Emerson Kimball Ingalls; Larrabee, Kezian Meserve from Keziah Meserve Vosmus; Leighton, John from John Doore; McLaughlin, Jackson to Andrew Harriman; Merrill, Wiggin from George Craven; Morris, James from James Stevens; Parlin, Harrison to William Harrison Parlin; Parlin, William Harrison from Harrison Parlin; Philbrick, Charles from Ephraim Philbrick; Philbrick, Ephraim to Charles Philbrick; Rice, Dorcas Howard to Isabella Howard Rice; Rice, Isabella Howard from Dorcas Howard Rice; Stevens, James to James Morris; Tucker, Harriet E. from Harriet E. Cochran; Vosmus, Keziah Meserve to Keziah Meserve Larrabee; Waterhouse, Peter Whitney to Peter Whitney Cary
Year: 1842
Type: PS Ch 69
Reference Code: 185-69
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Source citation: "Maine Legislative Index, 1820-1855, 1861-1865," database, Maine Genealogy ( : accessed 19 June 2024), entry for An Act to change the name of certain persons, 1842, citing Legislature and Legislature 61-65 databases, Maine State Archives.

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