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Legislative Index: An Act to change the names of certain persons

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Description: An Act to change the names of certain persons
Subjects: Bearce, Josiah Dexter from Nathan Dexter Bearce; Bearce, Nathan Dexter to Josiah Dexter Bearce; Carroll, Mary to Mary Carroll Mitchell; Clark, Sarah Elizabeth to Sarah Elizabeth Sawyer; Colby, John Marshall from Jonathan Small Colby; Colby, Jonathan Small to John Marshall Colby; Coombs, Abner to Albion Coombs; Coombs, Albion from Abner Coombs; Davis, Amelia Ann from Amelia Ann Huston; Farington, Noyes Knight from Noyes Farington; Farington, Noyes to Noyes Knight Farington; Fly, Elizabeth from Elizabeth Fly Wales; Fly, Eunice from Eunice Wales; Frazer, William Warren to William Warren; Grant, Clinton Moses from Moses Grant, Jr.; Grant, Moses, Jr. to Clinton Moses Grant; Hunt, William Mooers to William Mooers; Huston, Amelia Ann to Amelia Ann Davis; Mitchell, Adelbert Davis from Adelbert Davis Twitchell; Mitchell, Charlotte Amanda from Charlotte Amanda Twitchell; Mitchell, Cyprian from Cyprian Twitchell; Mitchell, George Albion from George Albion Twitchell; Mitchell, Horace Chandler from Horace Chandler Twitchell; Mitchell, Lucretia from Lucretia Twitchell; Mitchell, Mary Carroll from Mary Carroll; Mitchell, Oakes Perry from Oakes Perry Twitchell; Mooers, William from William Mooers Hunt; Name Changes; Pool, James to Thomas Russell Pool; Pool, Thomas Russell from James Pool; Rand, Aaron Morrill to George Frank Rand; Rand, George Frank from Aaron Morrill Rand; Randall, Cerena from Cerena Titcomb; Sanborn, Lorenzo Quincy from Lorenzo Sanborn; Sanborn, Lorenzo to Lorenzo Quincy Sanborn; Sawyer, Sarah Elizabeth from Sarah Elizabeth Clark; Smith, Charles Coatsworth Pinckney to Charles P. Smith; Smith, Charles Pinckney from Charles C. P. Smith; Sprague, Eli Thornton from Eli Sprague, 3rd; Sprague, Eli, 3rd to Eli Thornton Sprague; Staples, Asia to Roswell Staples; Staples, Roswell from Asia Staples; Thomas, Bancroft Wasgatt from Thomas Wasgatt Thomas; Thomas, Thomas Wasgatt to Bancroft Wasgatt Thomas; Titcomb, Cerena to Cerena Randall; Twitchell, Adelbert Davis to Adelbert Davis Mitchell; Twitchell, Charlotte Amanda to Charlotte Amanda Mitchell; Twitchell, Cyprian to Cyprian Mitchell; Twitchell, George Albion to George Albion Mitchell; Twitchell, Horace Chandler to Horace Chandler Mitchell; Twitchell, Lucretia to Lucretia Mitchell; Twitchell, Oakes Perry to Oakes Perry Mitchell; Wales, Elizabeth Fly to Elizabeth Fly; Wales, Eunice to Eunice Fly; Warren, William from William Warren Frazer; White, Elizabeth Jane from Elizabeth Jane Whitehead; White, Nancy B. from Nancy B. Whitehead; White, Robert from Robert Whitehead; White, Sarah from Sarah Whitehead; Whitehead, Elizabeth Jane to Elizabeth Jane White; Whitehead, Nancy B. to Nancy B. White; Whitehead, Robert to Robert White; Whitehead, Sarah to Sarah White
Year: 1843
Type: PS Ch 38
Reference Code: 190-38
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Source citation: "Maine Legislative Index, 1820-1855, 1861-1865," database, Maine Genealogy ( : accessed 20 June 2024), entry for An Act to change the names of certain persons, 1843, citing Legislature and Legislature 61-65 databases, Maine State Archives.

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