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Legislative Index: An Act to change the names of certain persons

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Description: An Act to change the names of certain persons
Subjects: Basford, Charles H. to Charles H. Jones; Bedell, Abby from Abby Bedle; Bedell, Abby H. from Abby H. Bedle; Bedell, Addington D. from Addington D. Bedle; Bedell, Jeremiah from Jeremiah Bedle; Bedle, Abby H. to Abby H. Bedell; Bedle, Abby to Abby Bedell; Bedle, Addington, D. to Addington D. Bedell; Bedle, Jeremiah to Jeremiah Bedell; Ber, Linn to Orrin S. Linn; Bessey, Warren Whitefield to Warren Howard Vinton; Blue, Mary Jane from Mary Jane Storer; Boynton, Andrew Jackson to Andrew Jackson Kimball; Boynton, Rebecca to Rebecca Kimball; Boynton, Waterman T. to Waterman Kimball; Bradbury, Mary Ann to Mary Ann Crockett; Brick, Clara Augusta from Clara Wadleigh; Budge, John Nickels to John Budge Nickels; Budge, Martha to Martha Nickels; Butler, Mariah to Mariah Johnson; Clemintine, Percival from Albert P. Hall; Crocker, Elbridge from Elbridge Phillips; Crockett, Mary Ann from Mary Ann Bradbury; Felton, Charles from Skelton Felton; Felton, Skelton to Charles Felton; Fickett, Thomas J. to Henry Jewett Boyinton Hamilton; Flood, Daniel to Daniel Floyd; Floyd, Daniel from Daniel Flood; Gardiner, Nathaniel S. from Nathaniel S. Guptill; Getchell, Darius from Darius Hill; Getchell, Deborah T. from Deborah T. Hill; Gilchrist, George Washington from George Gilchrist,2nd; Gilchrist, George, 2nd to George Washington Gilchrist; Gilman, Caroline L. S. to Caroline Langdon Storer Starrett; Guptill, Nathaniel S. to Nathaniel S. Gardiner; Hall, Albert P. to Percival Clemintine; Hall, Phillip from Philip Sylvester, Jr.; Hall, Roxanna H. from Roxanna H. Sylvester; Hamilton, Henry Jewett Boyinton from Thomas J. Fickett; Hill, Darius to Darius Getchell; Hill, Deborah T. to Deborah T. Getchell; Hill, Elizabeth Ann from Ruth Ann Patterson; Hiscock, Augustus to Augustus Hitchcock; Hiscock, Charlotte P. to Charlotte P. Hitchcock; Hiscock, Clara to Clara Hitchcock; Hiscock, Daniel C. to Daniel C. Hitchcock; Hiscock, Daniel to Daniel Hitchcock; Hiscock, Frederick to Frederick Hitchcock; Hiscock, George Edwin to George Edwin Hitchcock; Hiscock, Hasty to Hasty Hitchcock; Hiscock, Hathorn H. to Hathorn J. Hitchcock; Hiscock, Henry D. to Henry D. Hitchcock; Hiscock, Henry to Henry Hitchcock; Hiscock, James P. to James P. Hitchcock; Hiscock, Joan Octavia to Joan Octavia Hitchcock; Hiscock, Joan to Joan Hitchcock; Hiscock, Joseph P. to Joseph P. Hitchcock; Hiscock, Martha K. to Martha K. Hitchcock; Hiscock, Martha R. to Martha R. Hitchcock; Hiscock, Martha to Martha Hitchcock; Hiscock, Mary C. to Mary C. Hitchcock; Hiscock, Mary J. to Mary J. Hitchcock; Hiscock, Mary to Mary Hitchcock; Hiscock, Nancy to Nancy Hitchcock; Hiscock, Peres to Peres Hitchcock; Hiscock, Rufus to Rufus Hitchcock; Hiscock, Samuel P. to Samuel P. Hitchcock; Hiscock, Sarah Elizabeth to Sarah Elizabeth Hitchcock; Hiscock, Susan T. to Susan T. Hitchcock; Hiscock, William H. to William H. Hitchcock; Hiscock, William Melvin to William Melvin Hitchcock; Hiscock, William to William Hitchcock; Hitchcock, Augustus from Augustus Hiscock; Hitchcock, Charlotte P. from Charlotte P. Hiscock; Hitchcock, Clara from Clara Hiscock; Hitchcock, Daniel C. from Daniel C. Hiscock; Hitchcock, Daniel from Daniel Hiscock; Hitchcock, Frederick from Frederick Hiscock; Hitchcock, George Edwin from George Edwin Hiscock; Hitchcock, Hasty from Hasty Hiscock; Hitchcock, Hathorn J. from Hathorn J. Hiscock; Hitchcock, Henry D. from Henry D. Hiscock; Hitchcock, Henry from Henry Hiscock; Hitchcock, James P. from James P. Hiscock; Hitchcock, Joan from Joan Hiscock; Hitchcock, Joan Octavia from Joan Octavia Hiscock; Hitchcock, Joseph P. from Joseph P. Hiscock; Hitchcock, Martha from Martha Hiscock; Hitchcock, Martha K. from Martha K. Hiscock; Hitchcock, Martha R. from Martha R. Hiscock; Hitchcock, Mary C. from Mary C. Hiscock; Hitchcock, Mary from Mary Hiscock; Hitchcock, Mary J. from Mary J. Hiscock; Hitchcock, Nancy from Nancy Hiscock; Hitchcock, Peres from Peres Hiscock; Hitchcock, Rufus from Rufus Hiscock; Hitchcock, Samuel P. from Samuel P. Hiscock; Hitchcock, Sarah Elizabeth from Sarah Elizabeth Hiscock; Hitchcock, Susan T. from Susan T. Hiscock; Hitchcock, William from William Hiscock; Hitchcock, William H. from William H. Hiscock; Hitchcock, William Melvin from William Melvin Hiscock; Howe, Jeremiah Nelson from Jeremiah Nelson Twitchell; Johnson, Mariah from Mariah Butler; Jones, Charles H. from Charles H. Basford; Kimball, Andrew Jackson from Andrew Jackson Boynton; Kimball, Rebecca from Rebecca Boynton; Kimball, Waterman from Waterman T. Boynton; Kirk, Charles from Charles Kirkpatrick; Kirkpatrick, Charles to Charles Kirk; Leavitt, Roxanna to Roxanna Stoddard; Linn, Orrin S. from Linn Ber; Logan, Patrick to Samuel P.Logan; Logan, Samuel P. from Patrick Logan; Mills, Elizabeth Ann to Frances Hellen Randall; Name Changes; Nickels, John Budge from John Nickels Budge; Nickels, Martha from Martha Budge; Osgood, Amos L. from Amos L. Thomas; Page, Henry Hamlin from Jonathan Page, 2nd; Page, Jonathan, 2nd to Henry Hamlin Page; Parrott, Sarah Ann from Sarah Ann Smith; Patterson, Ruth Ann to Elizabeth Ann Hill; Phillips, Elbridge to Elbridge Crocker; Randall, Frances Helen from Elizabeth Ann Mills; Smart, George Reuel from George Reuel Sprague; Smith, Sarah Ann to Sarah Ann Parrott; Snow, Harrison from William Henry Harrison Snow; Snow, William Henry Harrison to Harrison Snow; Sprague, George Reuel to George Reuel Smart; Sproul, William Miller from William Sproul; Sproul, William to William Miller Sproul; Starrett, Caroline Langdon Storer from Caroline L. S. Gilman; Stevens, Edward Varnum from Varnum Stevens; Stevens, Varnum to Edward Varnum Stevens; Stoddard, Roxanna from Roxanna Leavitt; Storer, Mary Jane to Mary Jane Blue; Sylvester, Daniel Webster from Daniel Sylvester, 2nd; Sylvester, Daniel, 2nd to Daniel Webster Sylvester; Sylvester, Philip, Jr. to Phillip Hall; Sylvester, Roxanna H. to Roxanna H. Hall; Talbot, Nathaniel Emmons to Nathaniel Tobey Talbot; Talbot, Nathaniel Tobey from Nathaniel Emmons Talbot; Thomas, Amos L. to Amos L. Osgood; Thomas, Robert B. from Charles Waterhouse; Tupper, Wilson C. to Lewis C. Wilson; Twitchell, Jeremiah Nelson to Jeremiah Nelson Howe; Vinton, Warren Howard from Warren Whitefield Bessey; Wadleigh, Clara to Clara Augusta Brick; Waterhouse, Charles to Robert B. Thomas; Weare, Sarah W. from Theodocia W. Weare; Weare, Theodocia W. to Sarah W. Weare; Wells, John A. from John Whitney; Whitney, John to John A. Wells; Wiley, John Robinson from John Wiley; Wiley, John to John Robinson Wiley; Wilson, Lewis C. from Wilson C. Tupper
Year: 1846
Type: PS Ch 141
Reference Code: 216-141
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Source citation: "Maine Legislative Index, 1820-1855, 1861-1865," database, Maine Genealogy ( : accessed 13 July 2024), entry for An Act to change the names of certain persons, 1846, citing Legislature and Legislature 61-65 databases, Maine State Archives.

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