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Legislative Index: An Act to change the names of certain persons

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Description: An Act to change the names of certain persons
Subjects: Andrews, James M. to Jimnah Osee T. P. Andrews; Andrews, Jimnah Osee T. P. Andrews from James M. Andrews; Bryant, John from John O'Brien; Carr, James Elliott from William P. Carr; Carr, William P. to James Elliott Carr; Cole, Mary Jane from Mary Jane Hall; Cottel, Samuel Hatch from Samuel Cottel, Junior; Cottel, Samuel, Junior, to Samuel Hatch Cottel; Cross, Lewis to Lewis Parker; Davis, Charles Frederick from Napoleon Bonaparte Pool; Doughty, Ann to Ann Mitchell; Doughty, William H. to William H. Mitchell; Douglass, Charles S. from Raymond Douglass; Douglass, Hannah R. B. from Mary R. Douglass; Douglass, Mary R. to Hannah R. B. Douglass; Douglass, Raymond to Charles S. Douglass; Dyer, Stephanus Elliot to Charles Dyer Paine; Eames, Alexander Putnam from Alexander Eames; Eames, Alexander, Junior, to Alexander Putnam Eames; Farnham, Thomas L. from Thomas Farnham; Farnham, Thomas to Thomas L. Farnham; Farrar, Andrew from Andrew Farrar Jones; Flye, Abraham S. to Charles S. Flye; Flye, Charles S. from Abraham S. Flye; French, William from William Nash, 3rd; Friend, Helen Rebecca from Rebecca R. Harvey; Gowdy, Hannah to Hannah Small; Hall, Mary Jane to Mary Jane Cole; Hall, Orange to Charles H. Linscott; Harvey, Emerson F. from John W. E. Harvey; Harvey, John W. E. to Emerson F. Harvey; Harvey, Rebecca R. to Helen Rebecca Friend; Higgins, Bridget to Bridget Troy; Higgins, Joseph to Joseph Troy; Higgins, Stephen to Stephen Troy; Hodsdon, Dustin from Jesse D. Hodsdon; Hodsdon, Jesse D. to Dustin Hodsdon; Holt, Hiram H. from Hiram Holt, 2nd; Holt, Hiram, 2nd to Hiram H. Holt; Howard, Alphonzo from Alphonzo Witham; Howard, Ann Bethiah from Ann Bethiah Witham; Howard, George Francis from George Francis Witham; Howard, John Henry, from John Henry Witham; Howard, Levi from Levi Witham; Jacobs, Andrew to Andrew Treat; Johnson Walter Raleigh from Walter Johnson; Johnson, Walter to Walter Raleigh Johnson; Jones, Andrew Farrar to Andrew Farrar; Laroche, James H. from James H. Roach; Leslie, Hanson Libby from Hanson Libby; Libby, Hanson to Hanson Libby Leslie; Linscott, Charles H. from Orange Hall; Longley, Edward from Eldad Longley; Longley, Eldad to Edward Longley; Mitchell, Ann from Ann Doughty; Mitchell, Orren P. from Orren P. Twitchell; Mitchell, William H. from William H. Doughty; Montgomery, Elizabeth from Elizabeth Jane Montgomery; Montgomery, Elizabeth Jane to Elizabeth Montgomery; Name Changes; Nash, William, 3rd to William French; O'Brien, John to John Bryant; Page, Ellen Eaton to Ellen Webster Parshley; Paine, Charles Dyer from Stephanus Elliot Dyer; Parker, Charles N. from Nathaniel Parker; Parker, Leonard Gunnison from Leonard Parker; Parker, Leonard to Leonard Gunnison Parker; Parker, Lewis, from Lewis Cross; Parker, Nathaniel to Charles N. Parker; Parker, William Hanson from Hanson Williams; Parshley, Ellen Webster from Ellen Eaton Page; Patten, Silas to Sweden S. Patten; Patten, Sweden S. from Silas Patten; Pool, Napoleon Bonaparte to Charles Frederick Davis; Rackliff, Edward to Edward Radcliff; Radcliff, Edward from Edward Rackliff; Roach, James H. to James H. Laroche; Small, Hannah from Hannah Gowdy; Stevens, Charles O. B. to Charles O. Stevens; Stevens, Charles O. from Charles O. B. Stevens; Townsend, Orlando Jaquith from Orlando Townsend; Townsend, Orlando to Orlando Jaquith Townsend; Treat, Andrew from Andrew Jacobs; Troy, Bridget from Bridget Higgins; Troy, Joseph from Joseph Higgins; Troy, Stephen from Stephen Higgins; Trueworthy, Charles Henry from Israel C. Trueworthy; Trueworthy, Israel C. to Charles Henry Trueworthy; Twitchell, Orren P. to Orren P. Mitchell; Weeks, Joseph Lemuel from Joseph Weeks, Junior; Weeks, Joseph, Junior, to Joseph Lemuel Weeks; Williams, Hanson to William Hanson Parker; Witham, Alphonzo to Alphonzo Howard; Witham, Ann Bethiah to Ann Bethiah Howard; Witham, George Francis to George Francis Howard; Witham, John Henry to John Henry Howard; Witham, Levi to Levi Howard
Year: 1848
Type: PS Ch 60
Reference Code: 229-60
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Source citation: "Maine Legislative Index, 1820-1855, 1861-1865," database, Maine Genealogy ( : accessed 19 July 2024), entry for An Act to change the names of certain persons, 1848, citing Legislature and Legislature 61-65 databases, Maine State Archives.

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