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101State Tax AbatementResolve abating the State Tax on Albion1861
102Strout, Albion PeterName changed from Sally Strout1834
103Strout, SallyName changed to Albion Peter Strout1834
104Taylor, AmasaReport on the petition of, for all that part of his land lying in Albion may be set off and annexed to China and the remonstrance of Albion Selectmen1826
105Transportation: Roads, Highways and TurnpikesReport on the Petition of Albion Haynes and others that the Fish River Road may be improved1845
106True, Samuel and othersReport on the petition of, that the Town of Lisbon be divided and the northern part incorporated into a new Town called Albion and the remonstrance of John Sampson and others1826
107Twitchell, George Albion to George Albion MitchellAn Act to change the names of certain persons1843
108Unity PlantationReport on the Petition of William Davis 2nd and others to be set off from Unity Plantation to Albion1852
109Unity PlantationAn Act to set off certain persons from Unity Plantation and annex the same to the Town of Albion1853
110Vote Return, Senator to CongressSee Parris, Albion K. 1827 GY 49-9
111Wall, AlbionName changed from Patrick Wall 2nd1832
112Wall, Patrick, 2ndName changed to Albion Wall1832
113Wilton Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Albion Bradbury and others for a law respecting the construction of single sleighs1852
114Winslow, John and othersPetition of James Crosby, Junior and others in support of the Petition of John Winslow and others of the Town of Albion bearing date November 8, 18411842
115Winslow, John and othersReport on the Petition of John Winslow and others that they may be incorporated into a company to build a dam in Albion and remonstrance of Nathaniel Maxwell and others1843

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